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Clients in Fund Placement in Israel


In Israel, Cohen Brothers Israel has advised under exclusivity in their local placement in Israel in excess of 10 fund managers from the US, the UK, France, Switzerland and the Nordics including:

Amundi, global top 10 manager, € 1000 bn+ AUM, Exclusive Placement Agent

Amundi Investments Solutions Americas LLC (now Amundi Alternative Investments Inc.), hedge fund managed account platform, Exclusive Placement Agent

SL Capital Partners (now Standard Life Aberdeen), Private Equity, Exclusive Placement Agent

HDF Finance (Rothschild Bank), € 3 bn AUM, FoHF pure player, Exclusive Placement Agent

Financière de Champlain (now Ecofi), € 0.5 bn AUM, green equity, Exclusive Placement Agent

Ayaltis AG, $ 0.8 bn AUM, Low vol relative value credit strategies FOHF, Exclusive Placement Agent

Stralem Inc., USD 3 bn AUM, US Large Caps pure player, Exclusive Placement Agent

Pareto Forvaltning, € 50 bn AUM fund manager, Fund Placement Advisory

Pareto Staur Energy, $ 220 m, Global Energy Private Equity Fund, Exclusive Placement Agent

LBO France, € 3.1 bn AUM, Multivintage € 1 bn LBO smidcaps French champions fund,  Exclusive Placement Agent

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