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About us

In the Insurance sector, Cohen & Co. advises, throughout EMEA markets, all segments from control acquisition of carriers to portfolio deals, JVs and strategic partnerships, investments in insurtech young companies, acquisitions or sale of insurance brokers, all the way through the sourcing of reinsurance contracts, which differentiates us from competition.

André J. Cohen     , Founder and Head of Global M&A at Cohen & Co., MBA, Attorney at Law and CPA, has got in excess of 30 years focused and consistent experience on fully-fledged M&A Lead Advisory assignments, Corporate Finance, and Capital Markets.

He gained his extensive M& A expertise at first tier US, UK and French investment banks, the ‘big four', and also not so commonly found in career investment bankers, gained precious insight from the client side when at a world sector leader corporate. Please refer to his resume under ''Senior Team'' for details of career. His depth and diversity of deal experience, as well as rigorous professionalism, are a distinct advantage appreciated by long-term clients, primarily from the US, the UK, and France. 

Collectively, Cohen & Co. advisors gather well over a century of experience dealing with multinationals and family owners in the EMEA & USA regions, based upon their former senior investment banking positions, pluridisciplinary academics and diverse deal track record. Specialization, extensive cross-border expertise, proactive methodology, high seniority and collective knowledge assets, characterize Cohen & Co. and give it a substantial competitive advantage in the industry of EMEA independent M&A advisers. 
Cohen & Co. currently operates today out of four locations internationally, Paris (France), London (United Kingdom), Madrid (Spain) and Tel Aviv (Israel). 

Our Distinct Cohen & Co. Business Model

Specialization and Long-term relationships only business model


Cohen & Co.'s stated business model is to build long-term relationships with its clients, not to engage in one-shot deals and dealing methods. Our stated mission is to significantly contribute to our clients’ growth and success over the long-term through sector specialization, true alignment of interests, no conflicts of interest risks taken, regular interaction, and cross-fertilization.

Cohen & Co. offers specialist expert hands-on tailor-made lead M&A advice acquired from best houses worldwide, and the stability of a family-controlled organization.


The best evidence we can give of this long-term hands-on model is our ability to sign and handle several multi-year permanent search and advisory contracts with high-profile insurers and clients internationally, some of which persist for more than 4 years on. 


Another clear evidence of our expert added value is the repeat acquisition mandates assignments we have gained with World top 10 insurers, World top 20 insurance brokers, and high-profile reinsurers.



Strong reputation and high professional compliance standards


Cohen & Co. founder and directors have a strong reputation based upon high business standards, confidentiality without compromise, very high loyalty to clients, and in excess of 100 cumulated years of snow-white history of compliance in regulated and private industries. Their high ethical standards have not suffered any compromise in all their careers. Constant compliance, due upfront resolution of any conflicts of interests, and confidentiality commitment are an integral part of their and their staff’s professional standards. They consider that retaining an excellent reputation is of paramount importance for their own ethics and simply the future of their business. 





All of our clients are treated with exceptional levels of care and attention. Effective delivery of client objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner sits at the top of our priorities. 

At Cohen & Co, all client relationships are managed directly by the Directors themselves and under their constant supervision. This guarantees quality advice, timely responses to clients, meticulous day-to-day transaction piloting, and constant adherence to your objectives.  

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