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Disclaimers and Legal

For a better knowledge and understanding of our services and financial products, we ask you to read with due care the legal information warning and disclaimer below:

Identification'' is the site of Cohen & Co., involved in Mergers & Acquisitions lead advisory services and is incorporated as Cohen Brothers Financial Services Israel Ltd, a limited liability company with 200 000 NIS capital, registered head offices at Levi Eshkol 57d / 21, 69361 Tel Aviv, Israel, under the registration number 514 000 57 68. The CEO and owner of shares in the company are Andre J. Cohen. Cohen & Co. has a cooperation agreement with Cohen Brothers group, involved in advisory and promotion of investment funds and investment management services to qualified investors. Cohen Brothers global markets ex-Israel  is a legally and fully separate entity. 

Cohen Brothers Financial Services Israel Ltd is involved under the dedicated brand Cohen Brothers in Fund Placement Advisory with institutional and family offices in the Israeli market exclusively. 

Conditions of access 

Information contained on the present site are disseminated for information purposes exclusively. They do not aim at soliciting in any manner nor at any offer to the subscription or the sale of securities. The site presents the activities of Cohen & Co. as well as the characteristics of the products and services which the company offers in several distinct jurisdictions. It belongs to the person who consults it to make sure that the regulation which is applicable to him/her does not prohibit him to subscribe the products or services subjected to other jurisdictions laws and regulations. The access to the products and services being reproduced on the site can be subject to restrictions with regard to certain people or certain countries, either under the terms of general prohibitions or under the terms of rules of marketing by asset managers. Consequently, no information produced or service presented on the site will be provided by Cohen & Co and Cohen Brothers to a person if it is aware that the law which is applicable to him/her prohibits it. In addition, Cohen Brothers do not advise or distribute any fund or financial product to the general public or nonprofessional or qualified or accredited investors.

Intellectual property

The marks, logos, drawings, graphs, texts and analyses present on the site are the property of Cohen Brothers Financial Services group entities and or their directors. The total or partial reproduction of these elements, their communication to third parties, their use other than with a private aim is formally prohibited. These elements are reserved for the private use of the only person, a qualified investor under his own jurisdiction, consulting the site. In the event of infringement, the user engages his responsibility and exposes himself to legal proceedings, in particular for counterfeit. No link with or to the present site can be established without prior written authorization by a duly authorized officer of our company.    


Personal data

The user hereby admits having duly taken knowledge of the present legal warnings and disclaimers, particularly the status of a qualified investor, and accepted the conditions hereafter: the personal data collected on this site are intended for Cohen & Co. who, by express agreement with the user hereby, is authorized to store them. Personal data are collected with the only aim of treating requests or potential information interests of the customer or prospect. They will be maintained for the length of time necessary for this treatment unless expressly requested otherwise by our company by the said customer or prospect. 



The information contained on the present site is for informational purposes only. They do not aim to solicit, recommend offer or sell in any manner the subscription or the sale of securities. It is aimed at qualified investors determined as such by their relevant jurisdictions and relevant laws. Moreover, the products presentation within this site is not allowing by itself the conclusion of any contract, it cannot be described as a solicitation, recommendation, offer nor of any call to public nor issuance of securities. Products presented are directly subjected to economic facts and their consequences, in particular as regards financial markets. The value of a share in a fund being calculated according to securities and assets held, it may be subjected to the variations of financial markets. The performances achieved in the past do not prejudge any future performances nor of actual achievement of the various products stated objectives.


M&A and Investment Advisory Services


This presentation is aimed exclusively at investors duly qualified in their respective jurisdictions. It does not constitute or form part of an offer or invitation or recommendation to subscribe for or purchase any securities, or funds.

Clients and investors should have recourse to their own due diligence and proper advisers, notably legal and tax or accounting, to examine investment opportunities. Any decision to purchase or subscribe for securities or funds in any offering must be made solely on the basis of the information contained in the related contract, prospectus or other offering circular issued in connection with such offering.

In its M&A activities, Cohen Brothers act as an agent of its client principal, under its instructions and mandate. Notably, the Cohen Brothers have no authority to bind their clients whatsoever. Cohen & Co. as is customary in its industry waives any responsibility for loss or damage or other costs or claims arising from their assignments or from deal opportunities presented.


Fund Placement Activities: 


In its fund placement activities, to duly qualified investors exclusively, Cohen Brothers acts as an agent of an asset manager principal, and Cohen Brothers’ services being strictly limited to relationship and introductory placement only, Cohen Brothers waive any responsibility for loss or damage or other costs or claims arising from investment in the products, solutions or opportunities presented. Cohen Brothers are deriving a remuneration from investments in the products and services for which it is appointed placement agent or third-party marketer. Historical returns are no guarantee for future returns.


The information contained in the site derives from information or documents deemed reliable; it may not have been independently verified by Cohen & Co. However, any person interested by an investment opportunity presented by Cohen & Co. is invited to take proper advice including from independent lawyers and tax specialists to check the appropriateness of the investment given consideration to his own specific objectives.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Cohen & Co. as well as Cohen Brothers' first and foremost valuable assets are its reputation for integrity, its loyalty to clients and its constant goal to provide its clients and investors alike with business standards of the highest levels.


Their founders consider that their excellent reputation, and acting for the long term, is of paramount importance for their own ethics first and for the sustainability of their business as well.


Cohen & Co.the are dedicated exclusively to professional or qualified or accredited investors, as defined in their respective jurisdiction. 

We prohibit any modification to the documentation of a Client or investment manager without its prior written authorization. Cohen & Co, Cohen Brothers, and their respective Directors are not involved in political lobbying and keep away from political contributions, excluding conflict of interests and interference with their activities.

The disclosure of clients’ names and of Cohen & Co or Cohen Brothers achievements are subject to contract with such clients. Cohen & Co and Cohen Brothers companies apply the strictest policy of confidentiality as customary under the best standards in our industries.

In Fund placement Advisory, in particular, activities are always governed by an executed contract with a Fund Manager and limited to advisory, prospection, relationship development, product promotion, marketing & PR assistance to fund managers; they always exclude interference or reception and transmission of fund orders, any cash collection and providing advice on fund investments to qualified investors.  We are remunerated exclusively by asset managers. Services offered to investors are totally cost neutral to them. We do not provide advice to investment funds' investors.

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