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Our Competitive Advantages in Mergers & Acquisitions


How do we make a difference in M&A?

  • Thorough specialization, technicality and expertise in M&A and Corporate Finance operations, in particular in our core expertise, Insurance, which includes control deals, portfolio deals, JVs and even sourcing of reinsurance contracts, for large carriers, independents, insurance brokers and start-up entrepreneurs (insurtech);


  • Top of the line off-market deal identification capabilities and negotiations conduct; this is evidenced by our client list and our current permanent acquisitions search and advisory assignments, some of which last for more than 4 years on, or by our repeat contracts with a top 10 insurer, for example;


  • Rich and wide relationship network in particular in Europe, Middle East, and Africa;


  • Competitive sector knowledge in Insurance, Asset Management and Banking, but also within a variety of selected other sectors, based on a 300+ assignments with strong multi-specialist expertise;


  • Real international transactional track record and 30 Y time-tested cross-border experience;


  • Competitive fee pricing when compared with investment banks and other boutique players;


  • Execution quality based on best practices standards acquired within top investment banks;


  • A proactive and senior ‘hands-on’ approach, allowing for senior partner direct execution with permanent ongoing advisory, piloting and review on each assignment;


  • An ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking and searching capability, allowing for superior target/ buying candidate identification, and solution driven lead advisory;


  • No compromise on possible conflicts of interests, guaranteed by our directors' careers acquired best standards, our few long-term clients base and our firm’s independence from major M&A adviser banks or networks; 


  • Strict confidentiality, compliance and ethical standards ensured through a restricted collegial high level senior professional team; 


  • Customer long-term relationships oriented business model and non-dispersion of personnel in a purely entrepreneurial family-owned structure. 

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