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Cohen & Co. Financial Advisory signs 4 acquisition assignments of larger insurance brokers in Europe

February 2022

Cohen & Co. Financial Advisory signs 4 lead advisory M&A assignments on behalf of large international industry strategic players for acquisitions of larger insurance brokers throughout Europe in just 3 months, including two in a week. The move reflects higher acquirer interest in the insurance brokerage industry in Europe since 2021, highly gaining steam since the start of 2022. Andre J. Cohen, CEO for insurance M&A boutique specialist Cohen & Co. Financial Advisory comments: ‘the market for insurance brokerages today is buoyant and has never been that much in history to my recollection. Insurance brokerage continues definitely as a ‘sellers’ market. Appetite is fueled not only by strategic traditional industry players, including from other continents, but also by heavily PE-backed platform players, and what’s new in Europe, by some of the largest international PE funds directly on smaller size deals as well. All these concurrent appetites add up to form the most feverish market today in this industry, still ripe for consolidation in many European markets. However, given the generally very solid structural profitability and growth prospects in that segment of the industry, this acquisition frenzy is no bubble, and is firmly backed by underlying economics.’

Multiple fully-fledged M&A assignments of Cohen & Co. are a testament to the firm’s cross-border specialist expertise in originating and advising deals in the brokerage segment of the insurance industry, next to midsize insurance carriers' M&A transactions, Financial Reinsurance, and portfolio transfers throughout all EMEA markets.

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